About Us

MCMEA – Marin County Management Employee’s Association – is a non-profit employee Association governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of representatives from seven branches and an Executive Board.

This Association is organized to advance and improve the interests of its members in the matters of their wages, benefits, hours, working conditions and general welfare, to represent its members in employment relationships, to negotiate and ratify collective bargaining agreements for represented employees, to improve public service, and to promote harmony and cooperation among employees and employers.

MCMEA represents approximately 325 positions within the County throughout various departments, in all aspects of their employment relationship with the County.

We are a volunteer, self-governed, self-representative organization operating with a system of bylaws, which provide for a Board of Directors, branch representatives and various committees to conduct our business. Board members contribute their time to various committees for the association and act as representatives of MCMEA in various County sponsored committees. The board meets monthly and is open to new membership.

You can click here to view our bylaws; click here to read our current contract; and here for Frequently Asked Questions.

If you’re not a dues MCMEA member already, you can complete the dues-paying member form via DocuSign here or by clicking here for a printable pdf.

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