President’s Message – June 2021

Message from the President graphic

Dear MCMEA Member – 

Just a quick update on what has been going on with your Union. 

Miguel Garza, well known to many in Labor and HHS is the new MCMEA Vice President, taking over for outgoing Vice President Paula Glodowski. 

While we signed the contract extension that you voted to approve earlier this year, your Board negotiated a 1.5% COLA for 2021, which will be reflected in your first full paycheck in July. We thank the Unions at the table now for their part of making that happen for us. The $1200 one-time payment was distributed to members on the rolls during that specific time period. Members who started after the distribution are not eligible to receive the one-time payment. We did propose to break this payment into monthly or 6 monthly payments which I thought might be fairer, but our proposal was rejected. 

We are updating our website, later this summer so it’s easier for us to communicate with you. I’ll announce when those changes are in place. 

Many have asked about the 22.5 Career Development hours in Executime. That is attached to PMR 44 which has not yet been approved by the BOS following agreed changes, TA’d in 2016. We continue to work on the PMR updates with the County that started in 2011. No one can use these hours yet, we will let you know when these hours become available for use. 

Jake Hurley, Deputy Director of HR has resigned, his last day being Friday, June 25. Robert Bonner, Asst. HR Director will assume Jake’s labor role until a replacement is found. 

Your Executive Board and our Legal Counsel, Susanna Farber continue to attend weekly calls with HR, Risk Management, Safety, and the all other labor Unions. It is a great forum for us to note concerns and quickly communicate issues with the County. The meetings started during the COVID breakout last year as there needed to be a place for rapid bargaining with all the unions for changes in work conditions. We plan to continue this forum as it has been very successful. 

Thank you for your leadership, 

Eric Swift