Board Info

Marin County Management Employee’s Association – is a non-profit employee Association governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of representatives from seven branches and an Executive Board.

President Michelle Funez-Arteaga HHS 13 Peter Behr Dr. 473-7202
1st VP James Villella HHS 3240 Kerner Blvd 473-6864
2nd VP Miguel Garza HHS 120 N Redwood Blvd 473-3509
Secretary John Aliotti IST Civic Center 473-6450
Treasurer Sarah Brown IST Los Gamos 473-3658
Branch 1 Rep Felix Meneau Public Works Civic Center 473-3223
Branch 1 Alt Vacant
Branch 2 Rep John Aliotti IST Civic Center 473-6450
Branch 2 Alt Brett Rhodes DOF Civic Center 473-6875
Branch 3 Rep Miguel Garza Sheriff/Parks/CDA 120 N Redwood Blvd 473-3509
Branch 3 Alt Michelle Funez-Arteaga Sheriff/Parks/CDA 13 Peter Behr Dr. 473-7202
Branch 4 Rep Angelo Sacheli Legal/Non-Court N/A 663-8531
Branch 4 Alt Vacant
Branch 5 Rep Todd Paler HHS 250 Bon Air 473-2919
Branch 5 Alt Patty Lyons HHS 1 6th Street. Pt. Reyes 473-7083
Branch 6 Rep Vacant
Branch 6 Alt D’Angelo Paillet HHS 120 N Redwood Blvd 473-3521
Branch 7 Rep Eddie Estrada HHS 10 NSP 473-7131
Branch 7 Alt Vacant

Grievance Committee: James Villella, Michelle Funez-Arteaga, Miguel Garza, Clay Page (bold is chairperson)

Salary Survey Committee: James Villella, TBD

Membership Committee: Michelle Funez-Arteaga, James Villella

Health & Safety Committee: Vacant

COLA Committee: MCMEA Board

Finance Committee: Michelle Funez-Arteaga, Sarah Brown

Negotiation Team: Michelle Funez-Arteaga, James Villella, Miguel Garza

Training Committee: Michelle Funez-Arteaga, D’Angelo Paillet

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