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In 2017, MCMEA affiliated with Teamsters Local 856, Teamsters 856 is one the most powerful unions in the region, representing 17,000 working people across Northern California. 

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With Teamsters 856 expertise and contacts over the last five years, we have utilized their extensive team of professional negotiators, economics and class and compensation experts, attorneys, and communication staff, and held trainings for our Board members. MCMEA also utilized Teamsters attorneys in workplace investigations and discipline cases where our members need representation and through the grievance process, including hearings at the personnel commission and in court.

Through our partnership with Teamsters, we have won solid contracts for our members and negotiated through all the various and ever-changing COVID-related laws around leaves, working conditions, and workplace safety concerns at weekly meetings with the County.

Last year, with our Teamsters 856 Attorney and Negotiator Susanna Farber, we negotiated one of the best contracts in our history, including across-the-board COLA increases, increases in benefits, improvements to contract language, and equity adjustments for a large portion of our membership


Originally in effect July 1 2018 through June 30, 2021, the expiration date of was extended to June 30, 2022.

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Whether standing or fixed-term to address a particular project, MCMEA board members serve on a variety of committees planning and completing tasks on behalf of members with the goal of fair and satisfactory employment relationships with the County.

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We are a volunteer, self-governed, self-representative organization operating with a system of bylaws, which provide for a Board of Directors, branch representatives and various committees to conduct our business.

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